Experiential Learning for Teachers 2023 – Ocean the ABM School

CBSE New Delhi chose Ocean The ABM School as the venue to conduct a 2 day CBP (Capacity Building Programme) for the Teachers on the topic Experiential Learning.

63 Teachers from four CBSE schools participated in this 2 day Teachers training session on 8th and 9th September 2023.

1. Delhi Public School, Mahendra Hills
2. Neo Aizza School, Malakpet
3.SMP School, Rajendra Nagar
4.Ocean The ABM School, Akbarbagh, Malakpet.

Resource Persons
1. Ms. Anjali Razdan – Director – Academics, Meluha School.
2. Ms. Usha Thanmayi M.V, – Principal, Scholars International School
3. Ms. Indira Srinivas, – Principal, Ocean The ABM School.