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Internal Complaint Committee

The following members are constituted as a Internal Complaint Committee against Sexual Harassment. Make observations among the students and teachers and record them.

Submit a report to the undersigned.

Sl.No Resource Name Designation
1 Presiding Officer Mrs. Zeba Fatima (Sr.Teacher) Chairperson
2   Two Faculty Members Mrs. Asra Meraj (Sr. Teacher) Mrs. Nargis Fatima (Sr. Teacher) Member Member
3   Two Non Teaching Staff Mrs. Juvairiyah Fatima (Child Psychologist)          Mr. B. Haroon Rasheed (Admin Manager)   Member Member
4 Member from NGO Mrs. Jameela Begum Member
5 Three Student nominees (if the matter involves students) Asma Ameen (Class VIII) Daniya Firasath (Class VIII) Umme Kulsum Rahat (Class VIII) Member Member Member